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My Art mentorship subscription plan could be a game changer for your modern wall art. I want to help grow your art career and have your clients buy original art.

Embark on a remarkable artistic expedition in abstract art with my brand-new subscription program on Facebook! Become an integral part of a vibrant, passionate community, uniting individuals from all walks of artistic life. Every week, you'll have front-row access to live, interactive painting tutorials led by yours truly – a chance to peer over the artist's shoulder, hear my thought processes, and understand why I make each brushstroke. Engage in vital conversations about the business aspects behind modern wall art, and seize the privilege to voice out your curiosities. Missed out on a live session? Not to worry! Every content will be archived on my private Facebook page, allowing you to revisit and absorb my artful stories at your own pace or relive the live sessions as many times as you desire. Whether are you are a painter or just love to buy original art, sign up and start your unique artistic journey today!

P.S. Please use your computer or tablet to subscribe or if you would like to use your phone you must have the latest version of facebook installed. Have a look at the image I posted. Once you hit the subscribe button it will take you to my facebook page. Once there you need to click in one of the areas where I circled to be taken to the actually subscribe page.

P.S.S. - When you go to choose your payment method please keep in mind that Apple charges 30% to use their payment services. Google payments are better as they take a smaller fee and Facebook does not take a percentage.

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  • Toronto Abstract artist lori mirabelli local artist

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    LORI MIRABELLI is taking live art to another level. Next year, the abstract artist is appearing on stage in a remake of the musical, Sunday in the Park with George.

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