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Our Story of Nitro Gallery - 3 women walk into a zoom meeting

SHARED FROM BARBARA MINK   How Three Strangers Came Together During COVID for an “Explosive” Partnership   Being a painter is a lonely profession by its very nature: painting during the last two years of pandemic isolation posed specific challenges, but also opportunities. Thanks to Instagram, Zoom, YouTube, and the human need for others, a new gallery has been formed in these unusual circumstances. It started when Ithaca-based abstract artist Barbara Mink (www.barbaramink.com) had been following a few painters whose styles and output were similar to hers: large scale, bold, painterly abstracts ( as Picasso said, “Good artists borrow, great artists steal.”)  Barbara has a successful home gallery but little online traffic from her website. COVID isolation and cancelled art...

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Online Painters | Susan Washington | Barbara Mink

Abstract Artists Susan Washington | Barbara Mink 2020 was a crazy year....who am kidding it is still a surreal time with the Pandemic.  One of coolest things, beside quitting my daytime career and becoming a full time abstract artist was meeting online painters, Susan Washington, and Barbara Mink.  They are both American Abstract Artists.  Susan recently relocated to Baltimore, Maryland and Barbara is from Ithaca, New York.  We have joined together, became friends, and.....stay tuned for the rest as there is much art news to come.         

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Toronto Condo Lobby Art Installation

 I recently completed a large scale Art Installation project for a condominium lobby renovation (15 Brunel Court, Toronto, ON).  I was contacted by a local interior design firm (Design Theory) and was asked if I would like to submit a proposal for the project in 2019.  Several artists were asked to submit a proposal.  All the proposals were then submitted to the condo board and to my surprise they chose me to complete the project.  Unfortunately, the project was delayed because of the pandemic and installation was not completed until June 2021.  Below are the links to my YouTube channel where you can watch me work on this large installation project.  The painting is an acrylic on canvas measuring approximately 18 x 13 feet.   The artwork was installed by Stellar Art Services, and they are in Toronto, Ontario    Part 1 - https://youtu.be/EyvpsIaiyS8 Part 2...

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